Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision :

  • To equip the student-teachers (the present deputed teachers and the fresher prospective teachers) to face the global challenges of the future.
  • To Cultivate Right Attitude, Social Values, Ideals, & Ideologies and achieve Academic Excellence

Mission :

  • To inculcate absolute desire for 'Learning to teach and Teaching to learn' with the will of leadership in the minds of the students.
  • To inspire the learners to acquire knowledge and skill so that they can make themselves enable to apply those tools for the benefit of the society at large.
  • To prepare intellectually well developed, socially concerned, morally upright, and spiritually oriented citizens for India.
  • To inculcate sense of duty , discipline, responsibility & service to the nation.

Objectives :

  • To promote acquisition of knowledge in a rapidly developing and changing society.
  • To cultivate patriotic spirit and prepare progressive and responsible citizens.
  • To offer wide range of programs with adequate academic flexibility.
  • To broaden the mental horizon by using latest technologies (ICT).
  • To sustain a caring, supportive attitude throughout the college life and afterwards.
  • To enhance the effective and efficient management of college.
  • To develop state-of-art IT infrastructure in the college.

Values :

  • Academic Excellence & Integrity.
  • Outstanding Teaching & Service.
  • Individual & Collective Excellence.
  • Professional Leadership
  • Concern for Human, Ethical & Ecological Values

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